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NEWS: The Story Seed

If you haven't heard of The Story Seed, where have you been?

The Story Seed is a wonderful community, dedicated to storytelling. Every week, they pick three writers who have written 100 words of the seed of a story which is inspired by an image. Last week, I was lucky to be one such writer and it only felt fair to share with you.

For any inspiring writers, enthusiasts or bored lockdown beings, give it a go - who knows what seeds you'll plant - @the.story.seed

I felt really inspired by the landscape of snow and grey skies, it felt so desolate and hopeless. I like the story that came from this image and I may use it to expand to a short story later down the line but for now, my 100 words are below - enjoy!

Image Credit: Todd Hido @toddhido_

It had been three years since Seriah’s mother had left, she knew that she would never come back - what was there to return for? Hope had left this place long ago, only grit was left. One February night, wind and rain had howled through the mobile park, leaving nothing but cold frost and battered walls. Looking out into the wasteland, something inside her told her it had to be today. Grabbing every saved dollar note from underneath her mattress; Seriah crept past her snoring father and went out into the grey of the morning with no direction but forwards.

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